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Restoration is our calling!

We offer land reclamation and restoration, weed management, erosion control and more.


Land Reclamation

Soil Work, Amendments, Seeding, Planting, Mulching
Horizon provides land reclamation solutions for both small and large scale projects. From small home construction sites to the management of 10,000 plus acres of public lands, Horizon has the personnel, equipment, and expertise to meet the most challenging needs. Horizon offers the ability to perform soil work, soil amendment recommendations and applications, various types of seeding, planting, mulching, and slope stabilization.

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Durango Land Reclamation and Restoration
Durango Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Planning, Permits, Inspections, BMP Installations, Design
Horizon's erosion control services start with protecting the environment and end with compliance. Horizon is able to provide turnkey erosion control services through their expertise in planning, permitting regulations, BMP installation & maintenance, and by being able to perform qualified and well-documented inspections. Often times it is easy to overlook the importance of erosion control during the land development process, however, we have found that clients who take the time and effort upfront to carefully plan their erosion control approach save time and money throughout their projects.

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Weed Management

Mapping, Integrated Weed Management Plans, Herbicide Application, Mechanical Methods, Biological Methods, Invasive Tree Removal
Horizon provides an expansive array of services to meet the most challenging weed management needs. Horizon provides services for private lands, industrial right of ways, and public lands. From only a few acres to over 10,000 acres, Horizon has the resources and experience to get the job done.

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Durango Weed Control